About Us

Sibahle (pronounced See-Bah-Clay) is the Zulu word meaning We Are Beautiful. Our premium specialty teas are strong and robust, with tremendous mouthfeel. 

Sibahle has curated teas with ingredients sourced exclusively from Africa and the diaspora to offer teas that promote greater energy, vitality, and overall wellness.

Sustainability and sustainable business practices are a huge part of our business. Having worked in the energy industry for well over 20 years helping businesses to reach their sustainability and energy efficiency goals, it was clear in starting my business that I would make sustainability an integral part.

For years I battled an addiction to coke. I joked," at least it's not the powdery kind," when, it indeed was. My addiction was sugar. The sugar effects of drinking two liters of coke per day showed up on my waistline, skin, sleep patterns and even caused brain fog. I knew for a long time that something needed to change. Finally, I decided that before I found myself as a statistic, I was going to make some changes.

I started drinking teas to wean myself off coke. I began with tea bags and graduated to loose-leaf tea. I sought to learn all about the health benefits of tea and came to realize that tea was good for just about anything. As I gained more awareness, I was determined to share what I was learning with everyone. Sibahle was born in this space.  I want to incite healthful change and introduce the many benefits of tea.  Tea is but one piece of the health puzzle. By choosing to pour and sip something different, we are choosing our health. We are choosing ourselves because we matter. It is important that we devote time to all areas of our health by eating healthier foods, incorporating exercise, and getting the rest and self-care that we need. Tea can be a valuable addition to our self-care regime.

Our Founder

With a name like Brewton, one would think that I was meant to brew up some tea. As a kid, it was my first sales job, so I guess I kind of was. I used to sell iced tea using my dad's recipe: 1-part black tea, five parts sugars. My makeshift "lemonade" stand made a killing every summer in front of the city hall of my small town, with my best friend Shima, and in the process, my affinity for tea grew.

I loved tea from an incredibly early age. Hot, iced, it did not matter, it just had to be sweet. Now I still love making tea, though I am not as keen on all the sugar. I love exploring new teas from all over the world and producing blends. I like the ritual, the aromas, the brew, just taking it all in; my me-time. I am grateful to share my experience and growing knowledge of tea with you and hope that you will grow to have tea rituals of your own.