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Why Sibahle
Ethically and Responsibly Sourced

Sun-kissed in Africa. The finest tea leaves plucked by hand direct from smallholder farms.

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Why Sibahle

Sibahle (pronounced see-bah-clay) is the Zulu word meaning we are beautiful.  More so than our outward appearance, natural beauty starts from within. Incorporating a ritual and daily practice of tea allows us to consider our own worthiness through the act of self-care by choosing to Pour and Sip Something Different.

We offer an experience in tea like no other. Sibahle sources the finest ingredients direct from small-holder farms in Africa and brings to your cup, rich and robust flavored teas that promote wellness. Our ingredients are natural, no candied sugars or additives, just goodness!

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Here's What Our Customers Have To Say

I'm a singer and I drink lots of tea. I think Sibahle's I Am Beautiful was made just for me! It pairs well with the honey spoons and is great for soothing my vocal cords during recording sessions. I also love the I Am Mindful-Green Mint blend.

Adeira Hunter

Sibahle Teas are the perfect "me-time". The Radiate Love is my favorite. The aroma is so strong as soon as you open it. The customer service was good too. My package came quick with extra treats added! A real nice touch.

Tracy Taylor

I first tasted Rooibos tea when I visited South Africa in 2018. Sibahle's Rooibos blend took me all the way back to my amazing trip. Its naturally sweet, but I still add a little honey for the love. I consider it part of my self care regimen.

Kellie Deans
Sibahle - We Are Beautiful

Sibahle Teas is a premium specialty tea company centered on promoting health and wellness through richly flavored teas sourced in Africa.